Why ProjectDesktops?

Clean desktop is product of orderly mind!



By starting the app you get menubar menu titled PD which allows you to create new desktop folders, switch between them, open non active ones in FInder, or delete dektop folders you don't need anymore (they are moved to main deskop then).
All this can be done through the menu (take a look at screenshots), or with keyboard shortcuts.

Desktop transitions are animated, but that can be turned off. Switching of the desktops is done on the fly regardless of active application, so you can do it even while having save as dialog open which can be exeptionally handy.


Trial version: Unzip, drag and drop to Applications folder and run.
App Store version: Install through Mac App Store app.

What's new in v1.2

- custom desktop backgrounds for ProjectDesktops
- open desktop set to icon view by default
- fixed crash when user creates more then 35 desktops
- fixed wrong file position when filename contains "/" character

What's new in v1.1

- Added active desktop name notification in menubar.
- Added hotkey for displaying active desktop name.


Q: Why all this?
A: Because we are web developers and we were often cluttered by enormous amount of files arriving in our workflow faster than we were able to process them. This is a natural solution to that.

Q: Where are my files actually held?
A: In a repository folder that you choose at first application start-up. All the files are always simply accessible by Finder.

Q: What happens to my files if I stop using ProjectDesktops?
A: Nothing. They are left on disk available to you by Finder in ProjectDesktops repository folder.

Q: What happens when I quit ProjectDesktops?
A: Your main desktop is automatically fetched back replacing any desktop active at that time..

Q: What happens to my files if I delete a desktop?
A: They are moved into subfolder on your main desktop folder named as the deleted desktop.

Q: What if I have questions or suggestions about ProjectDesktops?
A: You can send us a mail here: project-desktops@fwd.hr